How to Make an Emergency Kit

How to be Prepared for a Disaster 

Home Made or Retail Emergency Kits? 

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Essential Tools for Emergencies

The occurrence of disasters has definitely soared to an alarming high frequency. With unexpected 
destruction caused by a variety of different hazards and ever-occurring emergency situations, it is 
imperative to own a number of essential tools that ensure safety. Without these tools, tackling 
emergencies can prove to be quite a challenge. 

A Shake-Up Flashlight 
An important tool that everyone must possess in order to handle emergency situations is a shake-up 
flashlight. A shake-up flash-light does not require a battery to function. You need to shake it for an 
approximate of thirty seconds for it to emit light. This makes it a perfect tool for emergencies as it 
functions greatly and can be bought at a very cheap price. 
Every room in your house must have a shake-up flashlight to avoid discomfort during emergency situations. 
It is also advised to keep a flash-light in your car to aid you if your car ever breaks down in the middle 
of nowhere. 

A Hammer
A hammer is one other tool that you must own to handle emergencies. However, an ordinary hammer will not 
suffice. For emergency situations, you must have a hammer that has extremely sharp edges. Only a hammer 
with very sharp ends can sever seat belts in case of car accidents. Your hammer should also be able to 
break all sorts of window glass. This will allow you to evacuate as soon as possible if the need ever 

A Portable Radio
In case of weather-related emergencies, one of the most important tools to possess is a weather radio. In 
case a hurricane or a flood is likely to occur, the weather radio will provide regular alerts and updates 
regarding the whole situation so you can plan accordingly. If you do not have an idea of exactly how much 
danger you should expect, you will be unable to take the appropriate safety measures. 

In a nutshell, there are a number of important tools that can come in handy during emergency situations. 
However, it is entirely up to you to assess the importance of each tool to different emergencies. It is 
always useful to have sufficient tools to get you through all sorts of disasters, whether man-made or 
natural. Taking precautionary steps is, after all, better than suffering the full impact of a disaster 
that could also prove fatal. Therefore, make a check-list of all the tools that you feel are important for 
your safety and purchase them to be well-prepared for an emergency situation that sprouts unexpectedly.